Kissin' impossible!

We have never loved watching a couple fight as much as in "Kissin' Impossible" at the Schmidt theater! What Michael and Jennifer Ehnert, a real-life married couple, deliver is hugely cinematic and moving! No need for costumes or props, all you need is great acting paired with huge comedic talent.

The play starts off in the waiting room of a divorce lawyer and ends with a kiss. In between they leave no stone unturned: It's about the best girlfriend, holiday destinations, penis size and nosehair-but it's never dull or tasteless. The bottom line: A marital war which stays entertaining till the last second.Five out of five stars!

A Married Couple Fall Victim to Their Own Perceptions

Michael and Jennifer Ehnert bring final clarity to the issue of "love in the time of guidebooks." They do it by blending their amazing performances with a genius, and at times insane, story:

At first things appear simple enough-the actors portray a couple in the waiting room of a divorce court praying for a separation that can't come quickly enough.  But its not long before we learn that these two met on a TV series where they played "a dull cop and a touch journalist" who fall in love.  These stock characters soon evolve into the dream couple they so desperately wish they could be.  As more and more scenes from the series interrupt the struggles of the present the line between fantasy and reality blurs until even the actors aren't sure which couple they really are "for real or in the movie."  In married life or reality? While the Ehnert's frantically search for answers the audience has the distinct pleasure of taking in the amusingly absurd discussions as we careen from well-staged relentless chase scenes to well-document facts that highlight the perils of gender equality. 

The duo plays so candidly and to the point that in between frenetic laugher and spontaneous applause Michael has to ask "should we call an ambulance?!"

"Kissin' Impossible" is a roller coaster ride of life in a relationship.

Final Showdown: Divorce Court

Audiences can't stop giving standing ovations for a profound, deeply comic and excellently acted new play.  "Kissin' Impossible," written and performed by Michael and Jennifer Ehnert is a highlight of the 2011 Satirica Festival that will be tough to surpass.  

A ravishing trial of strength in which the opponents are skillfully fighting with and against each other verbally and physically.  This is theatre of the highest caliber.  We can only hope that there will be a sequel of "Kissin Impossible" soon.

A Couple's Shock Treatment

Even on a bare stage with no props these 2 actors had the audience in the palm of their hand.  Due to their highly professional, fast-paced, performances the Ehnerts were rewarded with ongoing, liberated laughter.  

A tour de force battle of the sexes where sparks fly high

Behind the characters who duke it out in the many-layered play are the two great, equally talented actors Jennifer and Michael Ehnert who are a real life couple.  After three years of marriage, things have taken a bad turn due to the daily grindings of life and our couple has an appointment in the divorce court in two hours.  The smartly applied movie elements (the deafening sound of bullets, the furious lightning) are the third character in this expertly crafted play.  The Hollywood-like kiss in the end, against the backdrop  of punchlines, facts and stage effects executed by director Martin Blau doesn't cover up the fact that these two are clearly on the edge of the abyss--and that's entertainment!  

No relationship GPS in sight

Ehnert vs. Ehnert steers well clear of typical male-female stereotypes and exposes what a modern day-to-day relationship really looks like: a battleground where each defends his or her own truth.

How many times have we seen comedians or stand up comedians take us down this well-worn path? But the married couple at the heart of this exciting new play has their very own unique, fresh style discussing gender issues and at times arguing vociferously.

"Kissin' Impossible" is thrilling beyond doubt. The acoustic and visual effects add to the suspense and emphasize the talent of the married actor/playwrights behind the show. And after all is said and done this couple still gets their Hollywood kiss.

Action-comedy as a war of the roses

Action-comedy as a war of the roses


Bluelight flickers, shouting halls, choppers roar and the audience gets to witness what a brandnew stage genre feels like: The genre of the action-comedy, where the regular dialogues are enriched with soundeffects, usually well known by the audience only out of the movies.

Thats why the Ehnert program is called „Kissin' impossible“ -analog to the shoot-away burner from Hollywood. Indeed theres lively action at times. When swat teams storm in, when bullets fly high and our couple discovers the only loophole- Bond-like and in the last second out of the desperate no-win situation. Which the Ehnerts break ironically in staged slow motion effects and with running gags á la „Tom and Jerry“.

Ehnert vs. Ehnert“ is certainly as funny as „Kramer vs. Kramer“.And almost as enthralling as „Mr.& Mrs. Smith“.

Love - a martial art

A fast- paced and funny blend of action, crime and satire.

"Kissin' Impossible" is not only an outstanding high-quality presentation with state of the art sound and lighting effects, but also a skilled balance of suspense, gripping drama, hilarious adventure and serious entertainment that wowed the audience.

The profound humor of this couple from Hamburg obviously delighted the people of Switzerland as well.